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You can reach out to us by calling 519-568-9958, messaging us on instagram, or by emailing us at

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What do I do before my appointment? What do I do after? What are the shop rules? I have questions I need answered! 


Don't fret - All your answers are one click away. If you want to earn our respect, please carefully read through all of our information that we have given in the post you're about to read. God Bless!

How to book

Each artist has their own booking periods. if their books are open, simply go to their personal profile or to the shop page (both on instagram) and click the link in the bios to find the booking form for the specific artist you're looking for. The form is an online consultation, making you be very in-depth with your project, leaving us with all the information we need. If you don't have instagram, simply email us asking about the form and we will send it to you. 

Booking delay 1-4 months

If you don't want to wait, click here to learn about private sessions.

Expect 1-3 weeks submission response time

You will be reached out to by LISA from our @studio_1437 instagram page. if we cannot reach you from there, we will use our email.

Why didn't you accept my idea?

Our form is a request form, meaning we review each form throughly, and if the style doesn't fit with the artist, we respectfully decline, leaving you with a couple options: receiving a hand picked list of talented artists within the same area, and the option to fill out another form with a different idea. Don't take it personally - we want you to have the best tattoo possible, and if we aren't confident with our ability to provide what you're looking for, we would rather give you other options than leaving you with a tattoo you're not happy with and we're not proud of. 

We sincerely thank you for your patient support of our business. Your trust and understanding is cherished to us. We remain committed to providing you with excellent service and appreciate the opportunity to connect with you! With love from Studio 1437, Thank you.

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