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Private Tattoo Sessions

With these private sessions, you can skip the line-up and get tattooed sooner rather than later. Agella accepts small and large tattoos for private sessions. Some weekend requests may be accepted.

The cost of a private SMALL / MEDIUM session / tattoo is a flat rate of $500+ depending. 

The cost of a private LARGE session / tattoo is a flat rate of $1500 CAD (taxes included) per day of tattooing.

These sessions will go down similarly to regular sessions, except the studio is reserved only for yourself. All appointments are from 11AM to around 7PM and includes the tattoo preparation, the tattoo, an aftercare box, break(s) and lunch is bought for you.

We ask for no guests during these private sessions, so you and your artist can get the most out of your day without distractions. 

We will consider your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

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