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Studio 1437

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Welcome to the home of tattooists Agella Kodopulos, Em Russwurm and Holly Payne, piercer Kourtney Cameron-Hutt, and nail technician Tessa Hopkins. Our private tattoo shop is where we prioritize providing an exceptional experience for our clients through each service we offer. Discover the art of expression with us, where your ideas are transformed into stunning works of body art. 

Based in Owen Sound 
Established in 2022

Recent updates

 ~ Kourtney's books for piercings are OPEN! Click HERE to book!

~ Tessa's books for permanent jewelry and nails are OPEN! Click here for more info!

Check out other options for skipping the line with private sessions.

~ Agella, Emma and Holly's books are currently CLOSED!

To learn more about our artists, services, and how to book, please check out our other marked pages for information. 

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