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Wedding Tattoo Sessions

You can reserve all three, or just one of us for your special day! We will come to your wedding with a small booth that we set up prior to ceremony. Under no circumstance can alcohol be consumed before the tattoo. If we suspect you are under the influence before your tattoo, we will refuse to perform our service.


*All prices listed below are starting prices. All prices change depending on distance, design choice, and the number of artists present.

Married Couple - $600

Married Couple + 1-3 extra guests - $800-$1,300

Married Couple + 3-6 extra guests - $1,300-$2,100



For things to run smoothly, we will bring you and your partner, and any extra participating guests, into the shop weeks before your wedding to have a consultation and plan out your tattoos.  Once the design is made, we will bring you back to the shop to confirm the design and print out your desired size so we can have the stencil ready for you at your wedding. 

This system helps with bringing as little equipment we need and ensuring speedy preparation time for your tattoo during your wedding. 

Email us at to inquire about a wedding session.

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