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Our services 

The average wait for an appointment is 1-5 months, due to high volume of projects received. 

if  you don't want to wait, learn more about private sessions.

Custom Tattoo Sessions

Our tattooing service provides custom designs, touch-ups, and predrawn artwork in various styles and sizes. Please note that we do not accept cover-ups. Due to high demand, our artists carefully select the custom projects they undertake. While we cannot accommodate every submission, we genuinely appreciate your efforts and thoughtful consideration. If your project isn't a good fit, rest assured that we will gladly recommend talented local artists. You're welcome to submit a new idea to increase your chances of selection. We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support!


While the books are open for your artist of choice, fill out their personal tattoo booking form, equivalent to an online consultation so we have all the information we need to get you an appointment. 

Booking forms can be found linked below, or in their personal instagram bio. 


Shop minimum - $120

Agella hourly rate - $200

Apprentice hourly rate - $150

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